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Jack/Elizabeth FanFiction Community
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Aye! Me 'eartis, yo ho!
This is a community for the growing relationship between Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Though we are a FanFiction community, we welcome graphic and discussion posts!

Do you feel the call of the wide ocean? Feel the change in the winds? Then join!

1. We welcome FF posts of all ratings, so please don't join if you're under 16!
2. Every FanFiction submitted must be at least once beta-read!
3. Every Fanfiction whichs raiting is above PG-13, must have a good visible warning in the post!
4. Please put your FF's under an lj-cut.
5. the relationships in the FF's may change but in the end it must be Jack/Elizabeth or both with no one!
6. Graphics must be Jack/Elizabeth centric.
7. Everyone joining must promote pirates_bride in atleast one other community, lj or website! Please answer to this post!

When adding an FF, please use this form:

Author's Name:
Story's Name:
Category (Romance, drama, angst ...):

It would be nice that, if you're writing a multi-chaptered piece, to add links to the previous chapters.

pirates_bride has the dream of bringing to you a small, but qualitative high beta service!
That is why we are at the moment gathering bouncy and work hungry betas which are there for you - the authors.

So, if you are an author or a beta looking for work, please take a look here: Beta Service

If you as an author don't find anyone fitting or free (and please just then) answer here: Beta Request

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